Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet Sgt Buzzy

Yes, in the apian community, Buzzy is the equivalent of Smith in two-leggers. But there are so many bees, they had to simplify things.

Buzzy is 1--old in bee years. He has a blond crewcut, I mean, buzz cut.

He is too little to carry a badge--his partner Det. Lupine brings it along with his own.

Buzzy, shown here in available clip art holding an automatic weapon, actually carries no firearm--just his stinger (pun intended--they all are). And that is one-use-only. If he uses it, he dies. A review board is the least of his fears.

Buzzy is a cake-fueled genius--and he's quick with a quip.

He is also quite randy and has 950 kids--by his wife, Baybee, she of the comely hairy legs. More on her one of these days.

Buzzy and Lupine have been partners for six months. Lupine carries the badges and gun, but Buzzy is quick, compensating for the wolf's hip dysplasia.

"It's a bear growing old," the wolf often remarks.