Thursday, February 20, 2014

Status update: Effort, no big result yet

First, after completing the first script, I sort of chilled waiting to see if my new-found buds (meaning they answered my email without a snotty "we can't possibly read anything you send us" message) at William Morris Endeavour (WME) would agree to read the script.

I sent kind of half-funny/half-disgustingly obsequious emails. Nothing. Then--finally--I was consigned back to Screenwriter Siberia with a stern letter from THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT (all caps--scary). Leave us alone!

Will do. My humble hope was to make money for all of us--but I am outta there.

Then I signed up with a group I knew about from my earlier writing days--Inkspot. You pay a somewhat modest fee and list your script logline and synopsis for 6 mos. The idea is that producers go there from time to time looking for properties. The place was still around--so I am trying it.

I also entered the script in the Page contest--one of the top ones. I may do one more, not sure. I did not enter contests when I was a mere girl, but now, I don't have time to waste. I need to get the lines out there.

The funny lines.

I also hooked up with a pretty active group on Linked In--and we kick things around.

And, of course, I scour the papers, namely the WSJ, for news of movies and scripts that are selling and making money--then try to contact those involved.

And I am working on the Sequel.

It keeps me off the streets.