Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wow--I have not posted since August, sorry

Back story--I have two scripts available, the main and the sequel. 

In this animated comedy, the cops of Hive-O--a wolf and a honeybee--interview various animals to solve the case of a stolen TV satellite dish, which has left two human kids with no TV. At home, their wives and offspring take over with the fun, puns, and jokes. G-rated.

In the sequel, Det. Lupine's three wolf cubs rescue an uptalking pig kidnapped by Komodo Dragons and set off events ending in a raucous trial and a heartstopping car "stampede." More puns, jokes, riddles, and fun for kids and parents, too.

I am on site called producers can download your script. I also list a short logline (see above) and a much longer synopsis of each.

I have had two companies download the first, original script. One offered me a low-dollar option (see below), which I turned down. The second has not gotten in touch.

No one has downloaded the Sequel as yet.

I have sent more than 50 query emails and paper letters to production companies...Little response. So...are my descriptions boring, animation dauntingly expensive, don't know. 

The Inktip people say to keep changing the listings--I have changed the loglines, but changing the descriptions seems random. I used to have a boss who would throw a memo or paper on my desk and say, "Write something different."

That never helped me much. 

Onward, my babies!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Two scripts available now--the main one and the sequel

They look innocent, don't they?
When I dreamed up my project (literally, scroll down), it was one script--but once I got into into my characters and became friends with them, I thought what the hey--do the sequel.

The description of Paw & Order is above.

This is the Sequel:

Paw & Order 2: The Three Little Wolves

Detective Lupine's three bratty wolf cubs rescue a classmate kidnapped by komodo dragons, setting off a messy trial, complete with honey balloons, and a car "stampede" involving a wolf, bee, bull, elephant, dragon, and some ducklings.  Da dum dum.

I'm quite fond of my honey balloons, by the way--the perfect mess-maker. Sticky, throwable...ah, yes.

So if you know someone who, say, is interested in the next FROZEN, tag up with me and give these a read.

You might have a hit on your hands. But at very least, you will have honey.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Checking in--it's been a month

Not me--I would never wear sandals like that.
I am still at it--faithful followers. For some reason, there are thousands of you. Watching someone try to sell a screenplay or two (in my case) is like poking a sore tooth, I guess--you can't not.

I am to the "trial" part of the Sequel: PAW & ORDER 2: ONE PIG AND THREE LITTLE WOLVES. For more random things about that--go to

I also listened to a 3-hour phoner (free) from Hal Croasmun, head of Screenwriter U, who offers a well-regarded internet course on the subject ($1100). The phoner was on getting an agent or manager--I got a few tips. I have had two agents in the past and no managers. I think I need a manager.

I had received the go-ahead from a management company, Zero Gravity, to send the script many months ago. Right after deciding maybe to poke around managers, they responded with a pass. this a hint? Talk about random! Or WAS it?

One way to get attention, Croasmun said, was to own rights to something. I have had this in the back of my mind--but I am trying to keep my ideas there because I need to focus on finishing the second script.

I signed back up with IMBDpro--a rich source of info on movers and shakers. I am still on Inktip.

But I need to apply seat to chair.

By the way--did you read that sitting will kill you?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

First feeler to produce Paw & Order!

Not me--I wish
I told you I tagged up with Inktip--a writer-oriented site I knew from decades ago. You list your logline (one or two sentence script description--as in a TV Guide movie description), synopsis (longer), and offer the whole script for upload by producers.

An indie production company wrote me a very promising offer to "option" my two scripts (sequel, too, though it's not finished).

It was a dollar-option--for a buck each, the company would have 18 months to two years to raise money for the films. If both scripts were purchased, the total would have been $200K.

I know--to the outsider--this seems ridiculous--a dollar? Yet, this is done in this business. I had a no-dollar option on the CBS project, which did eventually flush. This was 25 yrs ago.

The producer, a young woman, had done quite a few movies in the $1.2 million range. This would be low for animation, according to what I know.

I agonized for several days, but decided not to tie up my projects for this long a time. I asked for $5,000 instead of one dollar. This didn't fly and they decided they were not so nuts about my script after all, saying it was not action-filled enough for really little kids.

This was an exciting and useful exercise. At least I did not cry for days and quit the business like the first time. Am I more mature? Nah. Just more determined.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Darn that real life

Real life sidetracked my fantasy life. I hate it when that happens. My ex-and daughter's father died unexpectedly and all the stowed baggage of that relationship of 30 yrs ago tumbled out.

Of course, this immediately made me physically ill.

Still, I entered the Nicholl contest with Paw & Order, as well as Scriptapalooza.

But I veered away from working on the Sequel (

Also, I went on the crazy-hard Copright Office website to register the first script and--funny story--our government does not like ampersands. I have no idea how those two tangled in the past. It would not take my Paw & Order url--and when I tried to change the title to upload it--Bill Gates in his infinite changed the script to European DOS.


I tried again...same.

I could not believe it...again...Then I realized I was deleting my backups and copies. I stopped myself in time. Now I SAVE AS changed name--not try to change the name.

Soooo....that was fun.

As of today, though, I am back on track, have worked on the Sequel two days in a row.

Losing momentum, though, is a scary thing.

All in all, I prefer fantasy world to whatever the rest of this is.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Status update: Effort, no big result yet

First, after completing the first script, I sort of chilled waiting to see if my new-found buds (meaning they answered my email without a snotty "we can't possibly read anything you send us" message) at William Morris Endeavour (WME) would agree to read the script.

I sent kind of half-funny/half-disgustingly obsequious emails. Nothing. Then--finally--I was consigned back to Screenwriter Siberia with a stern letter from THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT (all caps--scary). Leave us alone!

Will do. My humble hope was to make money for all of us--but I am outta there.

Then I signed up with a group I knew about from my earlier writing days--Inkspot. You pay a somewhat modest fee and list your script logline and synopsis for 6 mos. The idea is that producers go there from time to time looking for properties. The place was still around--so I am trying it.

I also entered the script in the Page contest--one of the top ones. I may do one more, not sure. I did not enter contests when I was a mere girl, but now, I don't have time to waste. I need to get the lines out there.

The funny lines.

I also hooked up with a pretty active group on Linked In--and we kick things around.

And, of course, I scour the papers, namely the WSJ, for news of movies and scripts that are selling and making money--then try to contact those involved.

And I am working on the Sequel.

It keeps me off the streets.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Zero Gravity Management agreed to let me send my script. If you are not in the game, you may not know how rare it is for a company to even let you send something...

Cross your fingers...

I know--it makes it hard to type. But I do appreciate it.

Friday, January 17, 2014

I can't HEAR you

I said, my script is done. This site gets hundreds of hits--some overseas. Doesn't anyone want to rep the first Paw & Order animated feature?

FROZEN (Disney) killed because it was the only animated film around at the holidays.

Come on, Disney--let's repeat it. Pixar Schmixar. Of course, Pixar Schmixar is also invited to inquire. In fact, that would be aces.

Or Dreamworks Animation. Or Universal. Or Sony. Or Fox. Or Warner's. Or Reel FX.

Read the script--have a few laughs--then let's get this party going.

OK--writers should be scruffy and keyboarding, not making a spectacle of their shameless desire. I am not normal. But I am fun. Go to my profile, email me... I promise not to be sloppy.