Saturday, August 31, 2013

How can a wolf be married to a chicken?

Talk about a mixed marriage! Predator and prey. But when the predator is a gentlemanly, old-school Mexican detective and the "prey," Henryetta, is a sassy Rhode Island red with saucy tail feathers, the old taboos fall apart.

The couple met on She described herself as a "hot chick." They emailed. Then they met at 'Bucks...She was not a wolf, but by then he was smitten. And then, there were those tail feathers.

Married five years, the couple has a brood via special cross-species insem and it consists of three wolf pups and twin baby chicks.

Henrietta has her claws full chasing the "kids." But she has a sexy cluck, is sassy, and balances her quieter husband, using her management degree from Barnyard to run the howling, clucking household.

And the eggs come in handy.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am a ready-fire-aimer

Andrew Carnegie used to say that ideas tumbled into his head like letters through a mail slot.

I assume he meant whole concepts. Such as: Make a lot of steel, build a lot of libraries.

I get frags. I dreamed the two animal cops--the wolf and bee--one night. Then the next, the title, PAW & ORDER.

And THEN, it occurred to me, awake at the time, that the wolf was probably Dick Wolf.

I am doing this anyway.

I also like Richard Scarry--those books I used to read my daughter with the hundreds of little pictures and among them, someplace, Lowly the Worm and a little Gold Bug for sharp-eyed kids to spot. I have a little "thing" in the script that will appear in or pass through many screens.

But...I am revealing too much...back later.