Friday, April 4, 2014

Darn that real life

Real life sidetracked my fantasy life. I hate it when that happens. My ex-and daughter's father died unexpectedly and all the stowed baggage of that relationship of 30 yrs ago tumbled out.

Of course, this immediately made me physically ill.

Still, I entered the Nicholl contest with Paw & Order, as well as Scriptapalooza.

But I veered away from working on the Sequel (

Also, I went on the crazy-hard Copright Office website to register the first script and--funny story--our government does not like ampersands. I have no idea how those two tangled in the past. It would not take my Paw & Order url--and when I tried to change the title to upload it--Bill Gates in his infinite changed the script to European DOS.


I tried again...same.

I could not believe it...again...Then I realized I was deleting my backups and copies. I stopped myself in time. Now I SAVE AS changed name--not try to change the name.

Soooo....that was fun.

As of today, though, I am back on track, have worked on the Sequel two days in a row.

Losing momentum, though, is a scary thing.

All in all, I prefer fantasy world to whatever the rest of this is.