Friday, July 3, 2015

New cartoon coming to my portfolio

Have you ever heard of Archy & Mehitabel? This was a funny column created by a Chicago columnist named Don Marquis in the 1930s. You can Wackyped it or Google it.

Anyhow, Archy was a droll cockroach who, as Marquis told his readers, was jumping off his typewriter, landing on keys and typing out messages to him about his pals in the underbelly of Chicago. One pal was a fun-loving, if aging and jaded, cat named Mehitabel.

I contacted the columnist's heirs about getting rights--but they never answered.

But this gave me an idea. These idea things always get me in trouble!  I have an old cat in here someplace named Chonie--Spanish for underpants (she has lingerie markings on her stomach).  I like the name (rhymes with "bony") and kept it. Instead of a roach (not fond--lived in the big city for decades), I decided her Boswell should be...well, Boswell, a Beagle mix.

All resemblance to Archy & Mehitabel ends there. Chonie is a MaeWest type, feather boa and all. This is a continuing series--not standalone cartoons.

I am giving the company that rejected my BEE-TWEENZZ (am still marketing those) first look, as they say in Tinseltown. This one even has a character arc!

So I am still at it even if I have not posted in several months. Wish me luck.