Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wow--I have not posted since August, sorry

Back story--I have two scripts available, the main and the sequel. 

In this animated comedy, the cops of Hive-O--a wolf and a honeybee--interview various animals to solve the case of a stolen TV satellite dish, which has left two human kids with no TV. At home, their wives and offspring take over with the fun, puns, and jokes. G-rated.

In the sequel, Det. Lupine's three wolf cubs rescue an uptalking pig kidnapped by Komodo Dragons and set off events ending in a raucous trial and a heartstopping car "stampede." More puns, jokes, riddles, and fun for kids and parents, too.

I am on site called producers can download your script. I also list a short logline (see above) and a much longer synopsis of each.

I have had two companies download the first, original script. One offered me a low-dollar option (see below), which I turned down. The second has not gotten in touch.

No one has downloaded the Sequel as yet.

I have sent more than 50 query emails and paper letters to production companies...Little response. So...are my descriptions boring, animation dauntingly expensive, don't know. 

The Inktip people say to keep changing the listings--I have changed the loglines, but changing the descriptions seems random. I used to have a boss who would throw a memo or paper on my desk and say, "Write something different."

That never helped me much. 

Onward, my babies!