Monday, June 20, 2016

New undertaking: Making a trailer

A wonderful website called Artella appeared and I caught wind of it and got in early. Started by some ex-Pixar animators, it is a platform for all the disciplines involved in animation to collaborate--either for money or love (with money to come later?).

I decided my short continuing series CHONIE & BOS held the most promise for a sale and decided to make a 1-minute trailer for it.

CHONIE, as I say below, is a vampy cat dictating her memoirs to a beagle named Boswell--and in the process she sees some of the errors of her alley ways and gradually changes.

So far, I have attached a music composer (a professor in Madrid who has scored many projects), a sound man (with many credits), and a voiceover actor (a friend with many movies to his name).

I had early interest from an animation company in Poland but he disappeared on me.

If you read this and decide to sign up with Artella--and you do 2D animation--please seek me out on the site.

We could make beautiful cartoons together.