Sunday, November 24, 2013

First draft almost done--now what?

You know what they say in screenwriting--your last day of the script is your first day of the rewrite.

I am near to polishing this.

I have written twice to Dick Wolf, CEO of Wolf Films and creator of the iconic Law & Order franchise, and in typical H'wood fashion, he did not reply.

I have sent a color postcard to some animation houses. No response from that.

But this website has gotten 1200 hits--they can't all be in Norway or Russia.

My first step, I think, will be to return to the big agency who read my summary. But I am not there yet...stay tuned.

Let's talk music (just because we're not supposed to)

Even baby screenwriters know you don't suggest music or songs in a script. Rookie move.

But how about in a blog--which is sort of footnotes to the script?

I sort of trailed off the music scene (I was "with the band" once, though) in the late 80s, when my caretaking "career" began.

Now, I am shocked to learn, you can't play records or even cassette tapes. My audiobooks are on little players the size of stamps. Bah!

So, naturally, songs from the last century--catchy ones, ones that leave people humming like the custom songs like Under the Sea in the Little Mermaid--popped into my head.

Buzzy is a bee--so songs with sugar in them came to mind. I asked my sister for some. And my daughter, who is in her 30s.

I came up first with Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch (I Can't Help Myself") by the Four Tops. In 1966, it played all the time.

Sugar Shack. She loves him because he takes out the trash--those were simpler times--but fine for a kid movie.

Sugar Mountain by Neil Young.

My daughter came up with Suga Suga by Baby Bash--it's kind risque for the kid crowd...

Pour some Sugar on Me--Def Leppard--was another of hers--I don't think they mean, you know, real sugar. Also I think there is some gal's red thong in this one.

There is a chase scene--a cheetah and Buzzy--I thought of Wild Thing by the Troggs. But does Buzzy think he loves the cheetah--not right then, anyhow.

And there is a series of shots before the trial portion of Paw & Order--I thought of Sweet Dreams--and I like the guitar version by a guy from the Wayback, Roy Buchanan. I used to hear him in person around DC. He committed suicide. Maybe like Victor (see below)--his music could live on. Check him out on You Tube.

And I love "Zorba's Dance," from the movie, Zorba the Greek. It starts achingly slowly, then builds. There should be someplace for that in this film. YouTube--Zorba's Dance.

The two cops are in their car going from place to place in several scenes--there is eye candy out the window, they are bantering, but music might work.

The soundtrack of this would sell a ton!

But as I said, it's not up to the writer.

But the dreamer does what she wants.

Baybee--Queen of Buzzy's heart

Buzzy's wife is that rare combination of bee brains, loving Mom, and sexy earth mother with her unshaved legs.

With 950 children, she better be.

She can also handle her Danish-chomping husband and keep sweets on the table at all times.

She is best known for her charmingly furry legs, the better to snag pollen when she goes to the flower fields with the kids.

She is not the Queen of the hive, but she doesn't care--who wants to just lie there and lay eggs. Boring!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Detective Ricardo Lupine--yes, like the flower

Detective Lupine is a Mexican timber wolf--at least by ancestry. He is 58 in wolf years. His peeps--or should I say, "line"--came from New Mexico.

Like many German shepherd-like creatures, he has hip dysplasia--but refuses a replacement. Lupine may be big and bad and a cop--but doctors scare the pants off him.

Yes--pants. He wears clothes befitting a cop--meaning presentable but indifferent to the whims of fashion. I happened on a clip art pix of a wolf in officewear on the internet--but he awaits an animator to bring him to life.

His wife calls him Ric, but everyone else calls him Lupe ("Loop") or just try to keep their distance.

He can snarl and is cynical, although with his kids--three pups and two chicks--he is gruffly affectionate, although he does like to win over them at anything they play. You don't get a trophy from Lupe just for showing up.

Lupine's wife is a Rhode Island red--yes, a chicken--he met on A-Date. She described herself as a "hot chick." He saw what he wanted to see. That would be the "hot" part. Then he met her and by then, they had emailed so much, he was smitten.

Predator and prey--who's to judge?.

When Lupe first met his partner Buzzy, he was skeptical of working with a bee. The guy was so small, for one thing. But the advantages soon became apparent--Buzzy can fly so Lupine does not have to run and chase.

So the two set off each day--bantering and commenting on the passing scene as they search for the skell who stole the satellite dish.