Thursday, August 28, 2014

Two scripts available now--the main one and the sequel

They look innocent, don't they?
When I dreamed up my project (literally, scroll down), it was one script--but once I got into into my characters and became friends with them, I thought what the hey--do the sequel.

The description of Paw & Order is above.

This is the Sequel:

Paw & Order 2: The Three Little Wolves

Detective Lupine's three bratty wolf cubs rescue a classmate kidnapped by komodo dragons, setting off a messy trial, complete with honey balloons, and a car "stampede" involving a wolf, bee, bull, elephant, dragon, and some ducklings.  Da dum dum.

I'm quite fond of my honey balloons, by the way--the perfect mess-maker. Sticky, throwable...ah, yes.

So if you know someone who, say, is interested in the next FROZEN, tag up with me and give these a read.

You might have a hit on your hands. But at very least, you will have honey.