Sunday, April 3, 2016

New stuff in my town

I have not posted since July--sorry--shameful. My work is under consideration several places at the moment. Makes it hard to type with all my fingers crossed.

I entered the Nick short film competition with my BEE-TWEENZZ (see below) because each episode of that would be a standalone. They keep sending acknowledgments of my entry and when I see those, I think--ACK SHOT DOWN. But no...not yet anyhow.

My long scripts--PAW & ORDER and the sequel--are under consideration by some investors. Think positive thoughts, OK?

I also entered one of my daily blogs--on health--in an American Association for Advancement of Science competition--no word yet. Yes, I know it's not a film.

But what is REALLY exciting is I have a new project underway--QWERKY KIDS CLUB. The core group of three characters are third-graders with what would today be called "disabilities."

--EPPIE is asthmatic and also allergic to peanuts. She has an inhaler and EpiPen at the ready.

--BITE ME is chubby--the most maligned category of this and most other eras.

--SPIN is ADHD. He never stops moving despite his somewhat ineffective Ritalin doses.

They tag up on the first day of third grade (in the pilot) and form an alliance, then get a little clubhouse.

In the episodes, they are the envy of the "normal" kids for their clubhouse, the fun they have, and their ingenious ways of solving problems, lucking out, and foiling bullies (and adults).

Along the way, they meet kids with other issues--one undergoing chemo, one with diabetes, another who lost a foot to cancer but has an awesome prosthetic and a wonderful three-legged dog.

Some people said not to write about sick kids--but these are capable kids with physical issues--not sick kids. Unless you mean "sick" as in totally great.

I am having fun with it...