Saturday, November 2, 2013

Detective Ricardo Lupine--yes, like the flower

Detective Lupine is a Mexican timber wolf--at least by ancestry. He is 58 in wolf years. His peeps--or should I say, "line"--came from New Mexico.

Like many German shepherd-like creatures, he has hip dysplasia--but refuses a replacement. Lupine may be big and bad and a cop--but doctors scare the pants off him.

Yes--pants. He wears clothes befitting a cop--meaning presentable but indifferent to the whims of fashion. I happened on a clip art pix of a wolf in officewear on the internet--but he awaits an animator to bring him to life.

His wife calls him Ric, but everyone else calls him Lupe ("Loop") or just try to keep their distance.

He can snarl and is cynical, although with his kids--three pups and two chicks--he is gruffly affectionate, although he does like to win over them at anything they play. You don't get a trophy from Lupe just for showing up.

Lupine's wife is a Rhode Island red--yes, a chicken--he met on A-Date. She described herself as a "hot chick." He saw what he wanted to see. That would be the "hot" part. Then he met her and by then, they had emailed so much, he was smitten.

Predator and prey--who's to judge?.

When Lupe first met his partner Buzzy, he was skeptical of working with a bee. The guy was so small, for one thing. But the advantages soon became apparent--Buzzy can fly so Lupine does not have to run and chase.

So the two set off each day--bantering and commenting on the passing scene as they search for the skell who stole the satellite dish.

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