Sunday, June 29, 2014

Checking in--it's been a month

Not me--I would never wear sandals like that.
I am still at it--faithful followers. For some reason, there are thousands of you. Watching someone try to sell a screenplay or two (in my case) is like poking a sore tooth, I guess--you can't not.

I am to the "trial" part of the Sequel: PAW & ORDER 2: ONE PIG AND THREE LITTLE WOLVES. For more random things about that--go to

I also listened to a 3-hour phoner (free) from Hal Croasmun, head of Screenwriter U, who offers a well-regarded internet course on the subject ($1100). The phoner was on getting an agent or manager--I got a few tips. I have had two agents in the past and no managers. I think I need a manager.

I had received the go-ahead from a management company, Zero Gravity, to send the script many months ago. Right after deciding maybe to poke around managers, they responded with a pass. this a hint? Talk about random! Or WAS it?

One way to get attention, Croasmun said, was to own rights to something. I have had this in the back of my mind--but I am trying to keep my ideas there because I need to focus on finishing the second script.

I signed back up with IMBDpro--a rich source of info on movers and shakers. I am still on Inktip.

But I need to apply seat to chair.

By the way--did you read that sitting will kill you?

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