Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A cartoonist--found one!

My cat Chonie--or would be if she danced. Yes, she is
named underpants--long story.
After a couple of false starts--see below--I am working in tandem with Dennis McCabe--a very talented artist from Ohio who has done storyboards before.

His depictions of THE BEE-TWEENZZ--25 and 849 in Sgt Buzzy's brood--are fantastic.

To see more of his work, go to:

We are planning to pitch the cartoon company in a few days.

I am even learning to Skype!

What fun. Fun actually was my original intention with all this--and it's fun again.

I am also signing up with a new thing called -- supposedly blog & Twitter combined. I don't tweet--so this will be an adventure.

Another one of those.

I figured since William Morris Endeavor said my scripts might be too edgy for the animation space--that Edgee was a sign.

I am big on signs.

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  1. Edgee turns out to be a pretentious pain in the rear. Hard to post--and they only make available tony stuff from their friends--and tech support never responds. Bah to them!