Saturday, July 27, 2013

They say: Write crazy giraffe stuff you know

In my script Paw & Order, there is a giraffe named Victor.

His name comes from a group I belonged to in Washington DC several decades ago--the Victor Invictus Society.

It started in a regular Friday night salon at a design firm--people brought a bottle and sometimes the fun lasted all night, other times half an hour.

During one session, it came up that Victor, the giraffe at the London Zoo, had died trying to please his mate Arabella--he fell--and with the long neck, could not breathe lying down. The Royal Navy showed up with a sling, but it was too late for Victor.

The Victor Invictus Society was born--complete with lapel pin showing a dead giraffe in a sling. I still have mine someplace.

Victor--you are not forgotten. You will live again.

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