Tuesday, July 30, 2013


When I was writing screenplays 20 years ago, I had a low-tier agent who would not even give me a ride to the airport.

Now, I have a rejection by a top agent. They said my concept of Paw & Order was too edgy for the animation "space," by which they meant part of the filmmaking spectrum taken up by cartoons.

My story involves a lost satellite dish, not a war between a leather-clad babe and some bad guys, as part of Wreck It Ralph does. Now she was a little edgy, not to mention a slut pup.

I am heading for a gag-every-five-second pace, a la Robin Williams in the old days. Maybe Royale with Cheese type exchanges (no carfuls of brains, promise).

I dreamed the teaser opening (you know, like Law & Order does) last night. In truth, I dreamed most of this script.

My subconscious has more fun than I do.

But didn't you sense that?

Stay tuned.

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  1. Don't forget the killing of Bambi's mother. Now we are talking EDGY! I recently saw reminiscences of the Kennedy assassination--and some people said the worst thing before that, in their young lives, was the killing of Bambi's mom. It stuck.