Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am a ready-fire-aimer

Andrew Carnegie used to say that ideas tumbled into his head like letters through a mail slot.

I assume he meant whole concepts. Such as: Make a lot of steel, build a lot of libraries.

I get frags. I dreamed the two animal cops--the wolf and bee--one night. Then the next, the title, PAW & ORDER.

And THEN, it occurred to me, awake at the time, that the wolf was probably Dick Wolf.

I am doing this anyway.

I also like Richard Scarry--those books I used to read my daughter with the hundreds of little pictures and among them, someplace, Lowly the Worm and a little Gold Bug for sharp-eyed kids to spot. I have a little "thing" in the script that will appear in or pass through many screens.

But...I am revealing too much...back later.

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