Saturday, August 31, 2013

How can a wolf be married to a chicken?

Talk about a mixed marriage! Predator and prey. But when the predator is a gentlemanly, old-school Mexican detective and the "prey," Henryetta, is a sassy Rhode Island red with saucy tail feathers, the old taboos fall apart.

The couple met on She described herself as a "hot chick." They emailed. Then they met at 'Bucks...She was not a wolf, but by then he was smitten. And then, there were those tail feathers.

Married five years, the couple has a brood via special cross-species insem and it consists of three wolf pups and twin baby chicks.

Henrietta has her claws full chasing the "kids." But she has a sexy cluck, is sassy, and balances her quieter husband, using her management degree from Barnyard to run the howling, clucking household.

And the eggs come in handy.

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